“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

— Ansel Adams

A little about me


I’m Tay

I was born and raised in the states and spent my summers in Portugal exploring caves and beaches with my grandparents.


Relationship with nature

I am an avid surfer, a big fan of weight lifting, a frequent paddleboarder, and an occasional skier. I am often found in the mountains or by the sea.



I have been photographing for 13 years and attended Chester College of New England to study photography, film, and creative writing. I am constantly growing and learning; attending seminars and styled shoots across the country. I love getting creative with angles and watching natural love flow while freezing that perfect moment in time. My main goal is to capture genuine feelings of love while adding my creative and bold flare.


Interesting Fact

I Love the Lord of The Rings series. I even have a LOTR tattoo on my forearm. When people ask me about it, I get super excited!